As a Digital Art Director Miguel Albadán strives for simplicity.

Interested in the dynamics binding design, science and philosophy, his work as Director in Albadán Studio ranges from  Branding Projects to  Advertising Concepts  and Retail Strategies as well as  Web Designing and Data visualizations .

As an undergraduate, in 2000, he started to work independently before founding the Studio in 2005. The idea of the Studio was to integrate various skills and fields of knowledge — marketing, anthropology, photography, architecture, mathematics, among others — in one light-weight structure.  And for the past 7 years he’s experienced thinking up and re-designing:  Customer ExperienceEffective DesignManufacturing and Innovation  and  Trend & Research  processes for all kinds of clients in Europe, North America and South America.

Actually lives in Barranquilla, Colombia.

“We hired Miguel during the early design phases of the SpicyNodes radial mapping system, to develop creative visualizations based on connected nodes. Miguel created very imaginative, yet usable, designs, which were helpful in developing our product. Moreover, Miguel has an amazing, creative sense of color with an unparalleled eye for juxtiposing color combinations. He is also a pleasure to work with.” /  Michael Douma /  Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.

“I had the pleasure of working with Miguel for the design of a web page for my boutique hotel Casa Oniri. He took into consideration my ideas and work not only in the web page but also on the concept, logo and lettering type as well.
I’m very satisfied and with full confidence, will recommend him to everyone and for any type of work involving graphic design and the like.” /  Clara van Lanschot  /  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

“Miguel Albadan se convirtió en muy poco tiempo en uno de los pocos freelancers de confianza con los que trabajo, por su gran conocimiento del medio, su comprensión de las necesidades y su brillante ejecución. Realizar proyectos con Miguel no solo supone obtener muy buenos resultados para los clientes que compartimos, sino que además se aprende. Es un gran profesional, que se toma muy en serio cada proyecto porque básicamente cree en lo que hace, en lo que sabe y en el propio medio.” / Pau Costa MariTop qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.

“Carl Langebaek, vicerrector de Investigaciones de la Universidad de los Andes, y la Facultad de Economía-cene han apoyado incondicionalmente la reedición de este libro, que generó los grabados que Miguel Ángel Albadán presentó como tesis de grado en la Facultad de Artes de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. A él agradezco el gesto de permitir que sus ilustraciones acompañen esta segunda edición.” / Hermes TovarPublicación: La Estación del Miedo o La Desolación Dispersa.


In essence
I’ve always liked math, although I have professional training as a graphic designer, I can understand programming in java, php and actionscript. This particular profile has given me a complex vision of web projects and drive my creativity and design solutions-oriented effectiveness in the process of programming and usability for the end-user experience.

My experience
Starting in 2000, when I designed my first web sites for companies of fashion designers and architects. I assume websites as a project derived from a good brand building, if there is no I do a little research and design a general concept to define a logo and in many cases produce a web-oriented photo studio. Since 2005 I specialized in interface design and visualization of large volumes of information in Madrid. Since 2010 I have focused on HTML5 and CSS styles, looking for dynamic designs that give prominence to photography to harness the full screen size, also looking for 99% compatibility with various browsers and mobile devices.

Our methodology
Is an appropriation of RUP model that is used for software development, with this model we can guarantee 99% of quality in all our products. Each project has a production line systematized into four phases: Inception, design, development and testing. You can find a document of how we have done in recent years > http://issuu.com/miguelalbadan/docs/albadan_knowhow_2013x

I am available to solve the design problems that you require, stay aware of your observations and comments. miguelalbadan@gmail.com / skype: miguelalbadan / http://facebook.com/AlbadanStudio


REV: 01.2014 /   Keywords: Branding, information design, interactive, photo, research, design, processing, packaging, retail design, WordPress, Responsive Design, paintings, biodiversity, playa perdida, agnimani.