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Bacata Artisans New York / Jewelry fashion photography © ALBADAN STUDIO.

Jewelry fashion photography:

The pieces to be photographed are selected and some referents are studied. Once the studio photos are taken, the photo session is scheduled with models. Finally, 72 photos of jewelry in studio and 17 photographs with model are chosen.

Co-Produced by Bacata Artisans & VINZAR NYC.
Special thanks to MauricioHair, Vimarovi, Mayi_pineres, Scarlett_elitsa, Ariana_laila. & CoralTejada
Photography © ALBADAN STUDIO.

Photos in studio:

Photographs with model:

Other photos & backstage:


Where the ocean sounds, the calmness of the forest and the peacefulness of the sky meet.

Emerald is the stone of love, fertility and prosperity, restorative for the mind and body.

NATURA COLLECTION – https://www.bacataartisans.com/collections/natura-collection